Green New Deal with High Paying Jobs, Reduce Income Inequality, Medicare For All, Cancel Student Debt/Tuition Free College, Fully/Equally Funded Public Schools, $20 minimum Wage with Lower Taxes on Small Business, Women's Rights, Get Corporate Money Of Politics, Expand Social Security, Support LGBTQIA+, Guaranteed Universal Child Care/Parental Leave/Paid Vacations, End Private Prisons, Immigration Justice, Economic, Racial, Environmental and Social Justice, Gun Control, Support People With Disabilities, Create Public Banks, Curb Wall Street Gambling With Glass-Steagall Act, End Homelessness, Build A Peace And Justice Economy. Please scroll down to read more.

Peter Mathews' Revolutionary New Vision for Congress and America


  • The Green New Deal to Combat Climate Change and Create High-Paying Jobs, with Full Employment and a Federal Jobs Guarantee (for more, Click Here)

  • Reduce Income Inequality to help the Working Poor and the Working Middle Class do better and achieve the American dream.(for more, Click Here)

  • Medicare for All, Single Payer Healthcare (for more, Click Here)

  • Cancel Student Debt (for more, Click Here)

  • Fully and Equally Funded Public Schools K-12

  • $20 Minimum Wage with Lower Taxes and Increased Federal Funding for Small Businesses to help pay their employees the minimum wage

  • Tuition Free College, Technical, Trade, and Arts Schools for All

  • Women's Rights / Gender Equality

  • Full Reproductive Freedom for Women

  • Get Corporate Money Out of Politics / Establish Public Financing of Elections

  • Fully Fund and Support Programs for Seniors (Expand Social Security)

  • Support LGBTQIA+

  • Guaranteed Universal Child Care

  • Guaranteed Parental Leave

  • Guaranteed Paid Vacations

  • Criminal Justice Reform, End Private Prisons

  • Immigration Justice / Pass the Dream Act Immediately / Pathway to Citizenship

  • Economic, Racial, Environmental, and Social Justice

  • Gun Control / Assault Weapons Ban

  • Fully Fund and Support Programs for People with Disabilities

  • Create Public Banks

  • Curb Wall Street Gambling with a 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act

  • End Homelessness / Housing is a Human Right

  • Build A Peace and Justice Economy

Pay for the above programs by:

  • Establishing a Wealth Tax on Billionaires

  • Establishing a Wall Street Transaction Tax

  • Closing Corporate Tax Loopholes, and Eliminating Corporate Welfare

  • Taxing Income Brackets Over $10 Million at 70%

  • Ending Waste, Fraud and Abuse, and Overspending in the Military-Industrial-Complex

Meet Peter Mathews

Educator Peter Mathews is running for Congress to rebuild an America that works for All of Us, the 99%, not just for Billionaires.