The People's Democrat. Leading the Fight to Make America Work For All. Peter Mathews Refuses money from Corporate PACs and Lobbyists. People Powered, Not Corporate Bought; Fighting for Environmental, Economic and Social Justice! Peter Mathews: Progressive Democrat For Congress District CA-42, Educator/Professor of U.S. Government and International Relations, Author of Dollar Democracy On Steroids, With Liberty and Justice for Some, How to Reclaim the Middle-Class Dream for All, Political Analyst, News Commentator, Community Activist/Organizer/Leader, Fighter for Social Justice/Human Rights, Founder of Rescue Education California, Teacher's Union Member, Father/Husband/Family Man, and so much more.

Peter Mathews, Professor of American Government, speaks to Long Beach City College students

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Early Years

As a child, Peter Mathews was surrounded by income inequality: The Rich-Poor gap was everywhere. Born to educator parents, his father was a professor and his mother was a teacher. Peter was born and lived in India until he was 10-years old and saw tremendous poverty and wealth around him at the same time.

Arriving home in the afternoon from Elementary school, Peter would see people begging for food at the gate of his house, almost daily. After greeting the poverty-stricken parents and their children, Peter would open the gate and go into his house where his mother was waiting with hot food and some money for the people on the other side of the gate.

When returning to the gate to give the hungry family the food, something struck Peter hard: Why was that family on the other side of the gate, and in such distress, while he was on this side of the gate, with enough food to eat, a secure home in which to live, and a good school to attend? Peter thought, "Those parents who were so thin, practically skin and bones like their kids, were unable to feed their children for no fault of their own. They loved their children as much as my parents loved my brother and sisters. Yet, the unequal economy left many unemployed, underemployed, and struggling." At this crucial time in his young life, the seeds of economic and social justice were planted.

Peter's life quest became how to open the gates to equal opportunity for all. This began his journey of challenging economic, political, environmental, and social injustice in the world around him. A world in which the top 10% of Americans own and control almost 90% of the wealth in the U.S., while millions of Americans struggle to make ends meet: putting food on the table, making the house payment or the rent, struggling to afford health care, paying for their kids' college, struggling with over-crowded classrooms for their children, breathing polluted air, and are facing devastating drought, fires, floods, and hurricanes, all from catastrophic climate change/global warming. Peter will carry the fight to change this and restore the American Dream for the 99%, when he gets to Congress. Since Peter Mathews refuses to accept Corporate PAC and lobbyist money for his campaign, and relies on volunteers and individual donors, he will be free to work for us, the 99%.


After graduating with bachelor's degrees in Political Science and Psychology, and a master's degree in Political Science from the University of North Texas, Peter Mathews pursued Ph.D course work in Political Science at the University of Southern California. He has been a full-time professor of Political Science at Cypress College for over 30 years, and an adjunct professor of Sociology at Long Beach City College. He's also taught at California State University Fullerton. Peter's subjects include U.S. Government and Politics, International Relations and World Politics, Contemporary Political Issues, Political Theory, Urban Politics, and Chicano/Chicana Politics (Politics of the Latinx/Latino Community).

While teaching, Peter has been very active in the community. He was a member of the Homeless Organizing Committee in the 1990's in the Long Beach area, working successfully to bring transitional housing for the homeless. Peter co-founded Rescue Education California, a grassroots organization which was active in fighting for funding for smaller K-12 classroom sizes, updated textbooks and technology, and lower college tuition. As a Progressive Political Analyst on KNBC-TV, Peter spoke out against President Bush's plans to start the war in Iraq. Recently, Peter has been on sky news Australia TV as a strong advocate against Russia-U.S.-NATO war in Ukraine and for a diplomatic solution. On CNN and CNN International, Peter recently analyzed and advocated for President Biden's Build Back Better Plan to strengthen U.S. social and physical infrastructure.

For the last three years, Professor Peter Mathews has been a Progressive Political Analyst on current issues and policies on CNN, CNN International, KTLA-5, Sky News UK, Sky News Australia, and Al Jazeera English television. After serving for several years as a Progressive Political Analyst on KEIB AM-1150 radio, Peter Mathews guest hosted several programs on KPFK 90.7 FM radio. Peter Mathews hosted his own podcast on YouTube, "Standing Up for Economic and Social Justice."

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In London, Peter Mathews Analyzes Possible Trump Impeachment

On CNN, in London, Peter Mathews Analyzes Possible Trump Impeachment in the House of Representatives.

CNN introduces Peter Mathews

CNN introduces Peter Mathews as a Professor of Political Science at Cypress College and author of Dollar Democracy on Steroids

Peter Mathews is the author of two books on how Big Money in politics has corrupted the American political system, increased the gap between rich and poor, and is destroying the American Dream and our Climate. In his books Dollar Democracy on Steroids, and Dollar Democracy: with Liberty and Justice for Some; How to Reclaim the American Dream for All, Peter offers concrete solutions based on reason and facts.