Since we reject Big Money contributions from Corporate Political Action Committees (PACs) and Lobbyists, we value and are recruiting hundreds of volunteers in our campaign.

There are various things you can do as a volunteer, based on your interests and experience.
  • For example, text messaging voters in the district who will then text message their network of friends who could vote for Peter Mathews. This is the latest and most effective technique, since voters trust their friends’ recommendations and information regarding the candidate to vote for. Friends Texting Friends about the non-corporate sponsored, people powered progressive candidate, Peter Mathews can ensure victory in the March 3, 2020 Primary.
  • Phone banking/telephoning and walking door to door are effective and personal ways of spreading our message.
  • As a volunteer, you can also become a Precinct Captain in your neighborhood and set up Meet and Greet events with Peter.
  • Volunteers can set up Town Hall and house meetings for Peter to speak with voters in the district.
  • Another volunteer activity includes making outreach phone calls for Peter to meet with community and progressive groups in the district. Helping organize, small donor, fundraising and voter education events, is also effective.

For the first time, the California 2020 Primary will be held over eleven days, from the end of February to March 3. Before and during this period, we need people to put up yard signs, help get out the vote, and get voters to the polls.

Contact our campaign to volunteer or learn more here.