Tuition Free College

Tuition-Free College, Technical, Trade, and Arts Schools for All

Fully and Equally Funded Public Schools K-12, with Smaller Class Sizes.

We Americans invented tuition-free public education K-12 which served as a foundation for our growing and industrializing economy. By the 20th century, America had expanded the tuition free public education concept to some of our colleges and universities, and made the rest of our public colleges and universities affordable to the children of working class families.

By 1960, America’s flagship public university, the University of California, Berkeley was made tuition free along with the other UCs, the California State Universities, and the California Community Colleges; all under California’s Master Plan for Higher Education. At each of the three levels students were only asked to pay a small service fee.  For example, former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger paid a $6 ($34 in today’s dollars) service fee per semester for a full load of classes at Santa Monica College in the early 1970s. Former California Governor and U.S. Senator Pete Wilson paid $37 ($204 in today’s dollars) service fee per semester for a full load of classes at U.C. Berkeley Law School. My friend Dr. Paul Garver graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) medical school in 1979. His tuition-free education service fees were $225 per quarter, in other words $675 per year to attend UCLAs world class medical school full time. Dr. Garver graduated with no student loan debt, unlike present California medical school graduates, because California practiced its Master Plan for Higher Education at that time, unlike today, and unlike many other states in the U.S.

As our Congressman, Peter Mathews will work hard to bring tuition free higher education that existed in California for 20 years, to the whole nation today. Tuition free colleges, universities, medical and other professional schools, trade schools and arts schools will give every American student a chance to fully develop all of her/his talents and human potential. Peter insists that this will strengthen the American economy, democratize American society, and enlighten American citizens to take back power and defend our democracy.

Along with making higher education tuition-free, Peter supports a one-time policy of student debt cancellation. Peter’s plan will enable the federal government to cancel the loans it holds directly and buy back the financing of privately owned loans on behalf of borrowers. This will free generations of Americans who are trapped in student loan debt which holds them back from buying a home, starting a family,  participating in the greater US economy, and living life fully. This violates their Rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Also, canceling student debt will boost real GDP by an average of $86 billion to $108 billion per year. Over the 10-year forecast, the policy generates between $861 billion and $1,083 billion in real GDP (2016 dollars).

Peter will pay for the above by taxing billionaires, a Wall Street transaction tax, increasing taxes on annual income brackets over $10 million, closing corporate tax loopholes, ending corporate welfare, and redirecting some of the wasteful spending in the Military-Industrial-Complex.