Medicare for All, Single Payer Healthcare

The number of Americans without health insurance increased to 27.5 million in 2018 according to federal data from the U.S. Census Bureau. That was up from 26.5 million people in 2017. It is unacceptable for the United States to be the only advanced industrialized nation with millions of uninsured people.

The only adequate solution to this crisis is to improve Medicare and expand it to cover all Americans. It is the ethical, moral, rational and affordable path to fully cover all people in the U.S., just as Canada has done for over fifty-five years. The Medicare for All non-profit, government funded insurance system, has much lower overhead costs, unlike our present unwieldy, wasteful, and inadequate for-profit system. In Canada, the cost per person is 2/3 of what it costs in the U.S. An American Medicare for All system will also deliver health care through private doctors and nurses, give patients their choice of doctors, and will not have co-payments and deductibles. This will save the taxpayers and patients a tremendous amount of money right away. By allowing everyone in the U.S. to buy into this non-profit, Single-Payer Universal Healthcare system we will reduce the existing costs of healthcare (and make Medicare cheaper, too!). The health care dollar will go directly into medical and mental health care for the patient and not into the pockets of millionaire CEOs, and billionaire Wall Street investors!

Expanded Medicare for All will include complete vision, dental, and mental healthcare. It’s preventive care aspects will bring true healthcare, which is about the whole self.

All other developed nations in the world have universal healthcare. We must catch up to the rest of the world by ensuring all people living in America have real healthcare coverage, and that we don’t leave Americans broke with insurmountable medical debt.

Because Peter Mathews believes that health care is a human right connected to the Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, Peter Mathews will work tirelessly in Congress to cancel medical debt for all Americans. He will fund this by closing unnecessary corporate tax loopholes, ending corporate welfare, establishing a wealth tax on billionaires, taxing income brackets over $10 million at 70%, and ending waste, fraud, abuse, and overspending in the Military-Industrial-Complex.

You can count on Peter to fight for people-centered healthcare more than any other candidate, because he’s the ONLY candidate that doesn’t accept money from pharmaceutical lobbyists, or health insurance corporations, and for-profit HMOs.

Peter Mathews Endorses: H.R. 1384 – the Medicare for All Act of 2019, which will have great positive effects on the American people. It will enable them to take less time off of work, to keep more of their hard earned money, to reduce homelessness, mass incarceration, and prevent the spread of communicable and dangerous disease. This is because, under Medicare for All, the American people will finally have high quality, cost effective, patient centered, comprehensive medical and mental health care.

So far, we Americans have tried almost every other system of healthcare, and we know it doesn’t work. The Affordable Care Act was a step forward in attempting to insure the previously “uninsurable.” But it still left costs far too high. The prices of co-pays, premiums, and deductibles have been skyrocketing. We’re paying more for less health care coverage every year. The real solution to all of our health care problems is a Single Payer, Comprehensive, Universal Medicare for All Healthcare System.